CropBeing a teller has been Jane Adkins’ favorite job over her career, which has also included stints as a karate instructor and a “simulated patient” for Southern Illinois University School of Medicine.

Five years ago, Adkins was on the hunt for a new position when her brother told her he had recently run into his former banking supervisor.

“He always told me that Debbie Shelton was the best supervisor he ever had, so I asked him to call her for me,” Adkins remembers. “She called me back that same day, and I started as a float teller. And I agree with my brother: Debbie Shelton is the best supervisor I’ve ever had!”

Adkins is one of seven employees celebrating anniversaries with Illinois National Bank for the first quarter of 2016, and we are thrilled to wish them all a Happy Anniversary! Adkins is celebrating five years with INB, along with Audrey Bellot, Michael Snopko, William Gruen and James Griffin. Jami Stubbs commemorating 10 years, and Brett Tiemann is celebrating his 15-year anniversary.

For Tiemann, the culture at INB has driven his career as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer over the last 15 years.

“I feel empowered to make a difference,” he said. “I’m fortunate to work with an employee group who constantly strives to improve customer experiences and genuinely show every day through their actions how much they care about other employees and the quality of their work.”

Gruen, Griffin and Snopko serve as couriers for the bank. Snopko can now laugh about his most vivid memory from the last five years: working 90 minutes in a snowstorm on the morning mail pick-up, before discovering that the bank was closed for the day due to the weather. Most days, however, aren’t as strenuous.

“After retirement, I was looking for a part-time position. INB had both an opening and a good reputation,” Snopko said. “My fellow couriers are always helpful and easy to work with. I consider all of them my friends.”

Gruen echoed similar sentiments about the relationships he has cultivated during his career with INB

“I like the professionalism of the people that work at INB,” he said. “I like the latitude I have to do my job without people putting benign rules on the job!”

For Bellot, relationships with customers as well as coworkers stand out in her mind during her career as a teller at INB.

“From time to time, customers I’ve assisted at other branches will come through Chatham, and we’ll have a mini-reunion catching up with each other,” she said. “Every branch has been very welcoming and I’ve always found easy camaraderie with my coworkers.”

Adkins agrees, as she has been able to develop personal relationships with many customers through her role of teller at various branches.

“As a float teller, I am lucky in that I get to go to the different branches and meet the other employees and customers. The work atmosphere here is very friendly and very positive!” she said. “I am happy to be an employee of INB; they say if you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work!”

We are grateful to each of you as we celebrate your outstanding service with Illinois National Bank!