A stamp on a white background that reads: Guarantee

If you have an INB Power or Power Plus checking account, you have BaZing, a nationwide discount and protection service. When you go to use the mobile and online service, you want it to work as described. To assure it does, BaZing offers the BaZing Guarantee. The guarantee reads:

  • We choose our merchant partners carefully and offer the best discounts available from thousands of local and online retailers.
  • With all of the offers available to our BaZing members, there may be rare instances when a merchant may mistakenly not honor a coupon. If this happens to you, we will make it right!
  • Our guarantee is that we will compensate you the estimated amount of the discount that was not honored, up to $100.
  • Sometimes merchants may also go out of business without alerting us. If you find that a business has closed, please let us know so that we can keep our network as accurate as possible.
  • Our goal is 100% satisfaction, and your communication with us will help us attain this goal. Simply leave your comments (in the account section of your BaZing on-line account.)

Kathy Greer, INB’s senior vice president of retail services, says this guarantee is a big part of why INB added BaZing to its checking program. “We wanted to be sure the program was a true enhancement to our products,” she says. “A guarantee like this tells us that if a customer is ever inconvenienced by not getting an advertised offer, that customer will be compensated for the amount of the discount. With that, we feel our customers have every reason to use BaZing and discover it’s really the money-saving tool we advertise.”

To refer to the BaZing guarantee, log into your account online. Under the “My Account” section you’ll find a copy of the guarantee and a link to use to if you ever have a problem with a coupon. On your phone, you can take a photo of any receipt if a coupon isn’t honored, and submit it directly to BaZing. You’ll find this feature when you open any coupon on your phone, and close the coupon without using it. Typically, this is the screen to use to track your coupon savings. You’ll also have a choice of three other options:

  • I’ll add my savings later
  • I didn’t use it (the coupon)
  • I had a problem

Click “I had a problem” and follow the prompts to report the issue. BaZing will then live up to its guarantee and provide the refund.

“Just like BaZing is easy to use, the guarantee is easy to use,” concludes Greer. “There’s no reason not to take advantage of this savings feature that’s built in to an INB checking account