IMG_0659It’s year number two for INB’s running team, and some team members have checked off goal number one: Compete in a 5K race.

Following several grueling weeks of some very hot 5:30 p.m. runs and hill climbs in Washington Park, team members were ready to compete in a 5K Race. The team chose to participate in the Scheels 5K to benefit Girl Scouts of Central Illinois. Runner and bank Operations Officer Missi Searcy took some pictures for us and followed up with her teammates about the event. She reports:

  • Gina Diel, vice president and loan administration officer, said, “It’s great to see all of the support the running club members give each other. It’s a pleasure to be involved. Great turn out for the Scheels 5K.”
  • Justin Graves, collateral insurance specialist, wrote: “Besides being hot, it was a good time. Seeing our running team do very well was a major plus, especially the support we gave one another at the finish.”
  • Mortgage Loan Specialist Samantha (Sam) Cullen thanked COO Tom Gihl for organizing a bank running team. “It has been a great way for me to be active in a group setting that holds me accountable, but yet gives me the support and encouragement to continue to better myself. . . . I had a great time, and I can now say that I have completed a 5K!”
  • Jenni Snow, human resources assistant, added similar sentiments: “If it wasn’t for INB’s team work and motivation, I don’t think I would have joined the running club. Going into it I was nervous because we were encouraged to participate in at least one 5K or 10K race. I can now say that I have marked another thing off my bucket list by doing my first 5K!”
  • Imaging Specialist Sarah Enlow isn’t new to running, but likes the camaraderie of the team: “Even though I’ve been running for a few years now, training with a group of people is certainly a different kind of experience. When I have a really good run or achieve a PR, there’s something nice about having a group of people to celebrate with. Since we started training as a group, I’ve found that I’ll run more often without my headphones and cheer on my teammates and just generally enjoy my surroundings more. It’s really exciting to see that camaraderie carry over into the work day.”

Missi offered her own perspective: “The photo accompanying this post is of Jenni Snow, Cathy LeConte, Sam Cullen, Jami Stubbs and Sam Johnson. That is my favorite picture because this was the first 5K for each of them!!!”

To add to the excitement of the day, we had some winners. Sarah took 2nd place in her division and Sam won a $500 gift card in a drawing.

“But most importantly, Missi says, “whether we ran or walked the race, we all finished strong!”