cropDavid Cole is a lucky man! He recently learned he’d won not only a $100 Visa gift card in our recent BaZing Savers’ Stories contest, but he also won the grand prize: a $500 Visa gift card.

David, an INB Power Plus checking account customer who frequents our South Sixth Street location, is thrilled that Branch Manager Cayla Keyes introduced him to BaZing and helped him activate his account. He was able to locate savings at a local department store. “I already get a good deal shopping there, and this savings made it even better,” he says.

He also took advantage of a meal deal . . . and shared that on the BaZing Savers Stories web page as well. He got a free hamburger in a two for one deal. “I ate the free one first because ‘free’ always tastes better,” he says.

While the INB BaZing contest is over, David plans to continue to use BaZing, a nationwide discount and protection service, which came with his INB checking account. He says it was easy to sign up. “Just create a user name and password, and you can log in and search for deals that work for you.” Very convenient!

Convenience is the main reason David chose to bank with INB. As one of three Southern View Public Works employees, he spends his days fixing potholes, putting rock down on driveway entryways, and plowing snow in the winter months. He also lives in Southern View, so it’s easy for him to pop into the bank to handle his banking transactions. But he really “found” INB by just asking around. “I just heard good things about you,” he says.

David’s 10-year-old son might soon be saying good things about his dad! David’s considering a clothes-shopping spree, but also plans to investigate getting tickets to a St. Louis Cardinal game. “Maybe we’ll even spend the night and do something the next day.”

So David Cole’s lucky day might be turning into a very lucky day for his son.