INB Gives Radios to Lucky Play It Safe Attendees


By Marilyn Titone Schaefer
AVP, Communications Director

IMG_5203The kids were the real winners at our Play It Safe events, but we tried to keep it fun for adults, too. At some locations, adults could sign up for a chance to win a weather radio. Our winners were:

From Riverton:

  • Frank Dry
  • Sabrina Ealey
  • Tabbatha Bliven
  • Tyler Curry

From Montvale:

  • Tariea Kincaid
  • Tammy Buchanan
  • Anna Clark
  • Brad Crites

From Chatham:

  • Lisa Stanfield
  • Sarah Delay
  • Colleen Gleason
  • Todd Allison

From Wabash:

  • Katie Anselment
  • Holly Busch
  • Donald Broughton
  • David P. Carrell
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