INB Operations CenterDesigners often choose an image of a vault as the universal symbol for “bank.” At INB, we have our vaults, but the center of activity is actually our Operations Center housed at Fourth and Jackson streets catty-corner form the Governor’s Mansion.

In its heyday, the building was a showcase for the Jennings Ford dealership. Salesmen sold 1930-era Fords from a showroom accented by large windows, exquisite chandeliers, terra cotta floors and ornate moldings. Other employees worked behind the scenes – repairing cars, readying cars for sale — in the cavernous, concrete body of the 40,000 square foot space.

Today, the space is a modern, efficient work space for about 60 INB employees who handle the bank’s “back-end processes.” Greg Floyd, vice president, deposit operations, says he and his staff handle the electronic banking functions as well as assure all the dollars in personal and business checking and savings accounts, CDs, IRAs and wire transfers balance at the end of every day.

Because his team needs to work together on many things, Greg says the “Chicago-loft” style of the work environment is perfect. While there are a few closed offices on the perimeter of the space, everything else is open, flooding the area with light. More important than the space is the location . . . Practically next door to the bank’s main building. “It’s great to be able to dash over to main and talk to someone. It’s sometime easier and better to talk face-to-face with someone.”

Greg had a front-row seat to transformation of “Jennings Ford” to INB’s Operations and Conference Center. He spent his early years at INB at 322 E. Capitol managing the proof department.

Today, he’s proud to tell people, “I work where Abe walked. It’s special to be a part of history. I often wonder how someone had the presence of mind to take pictures back in the 1920’s and 30’s, way before selfies!” He says these photos keep the history alive. When our debit card pictured 322 E. Capitol with the State Capitol in the background, clerks who saw the card would say, “That’s a really neat picture.” Greg knew the space intimately and says, “That’s one of the things that make working here special to me.”

While Greg and his team are on the first floor of the Operations Center, the building is also home to the bank’s loan operations, IT, remittance processing and maintenance staffs.