Farmer endorses mobile banking - KeyesCentral Illinois farmer Jordan Keyes needed to make a bank deposit while out in the field harvesting. And thanks to his smartphone, his money arrived in his account without him stepping down from his combine!

Technology is sure making banking easier for jobs like farming, where the daily demands often prevent people from running errands such as to the bank. During the quieter seasons, we love that local farmers are usually able stop in for a cup of coffee and a short chat, especially to our community branches like Pleasant Plains and Mt. Pulaski. But during harvest, forget it! Most farmers are lucky to make a quick stop at the drive-thru or the night depository.

But Keyes simply used our INB mobile app, snapped a picture of a check he needed to deposit, and, like magic, he had the money in his checking account. This was Jordan’s first time using our mobile deposit feature, but he says he’ll definitely use it again. New practices have helped farmers produce their yields for thousands of years – and now new technology can help them with banking tasks without needing to leave the field.

As a community banking technology leader in Central Illinois, we at INB continue to look for technological advances that will make banking easier. Apple Watch® and Apple Pay™ are our recent investments, along with other technology driven by our customers’ needs and wants.

Are you in the middle of a busy season? There are many banking activities you can take care of straight from your smartphone or device! Just like Farmer Keyes, you can focus on your tasks at hand while INB keeps banking easy for you.