Chances are you started your business or company as a one-person shop, or with a small team, and navigated through nearly every business to-do on your own. But now you’ve grown, business is increasing, and you can’t easily manage everything yourself.

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When there aren’t enough hours in the day, INB offers custom business solutions for commercial clients like you, taking tasks off your plate and allowing you to do what you do best: running your business.

Now you’re probably asking the most important question: How can INB help me grow my business?

1. Problem: You need a business credit card which multiple employees can use to purchase items for your company.

Solution: INB’s Commercial Credit Card which gives you the ability to place card-level restrictions

As you add employees to your business payroll, you’ll also be adding responsibility to their jobs, and sometimes that includes making purchases. With INB commercial credit cards, you’ll be able to implement purchasing restrictions on each card you have.

Maybe you want to establish daily spending limits or place a restriction on the type of purchase the card-holder can make. We can apply those limitations, so that you have peace of mind with your purchases.

Another great benefit to the INB commercial credit card is that we also offer your business local support. If you have account issues, you won’t be calling an 800 number; instead, you’ll be able to speak to a staff expert at INB.

2. Problem: You’re overwhelmed by incoming payments from customers or vendors

Solution: INB’s LockBox

LockBox is a customized solution for businesses with a large customer base that works to capture your company’s specific remittance data. Data captured corresponds to payment information that is then transmitted to your company electronically.

Through INB’s online image service, you can quickly access images of your checks and remittance documents, as well as generate reports and inquires based on criteria specified by you.

We can also perform credit card authorizations and settlement, providing alternative forms of payment to your customers.

INB operates one of the largest LockBox facilities in Illinois outside of Chicago; each year, we process millions of items efficiently and securely.

3. Problem: You’re spending too much time making copies of your deposits and going to the bank every day

Solution: INB’s Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit Capture allows you to scan deposit items and make deposits electronically into your checking account, which can be done from the convenience of your own office, giving you faster access to your money.

As checks are scanned, INB maintains a secure repository of the images for you, so you don’t have to make copies of checks yourself, offering you more efficiency while managing your company finances.

4. Problem: You’re worried about potential account fraud

Solution: INB’s Positive Pay and/or ACH Debit Block services

Paper check fraud is alive and well; we still see it on a regular basis. To combat that, we have a program called Positive Pay. When you give us your file of issued checks, we then compare those records to the checks that clear your account. If there are any exceptions, we notify you, and you decide whether you want to pay the check or not.

ACH Debit Block, which can be used by customers of any size business, helps with fraud prevention on the electronic side. Through it, we are able to block ACH debits that you did not authorize.

Both of these systems alleviate the need for you to review your accounts each day; at INB, we simply do this task for you. If you’re spending hours each day completing your company’s financial tasks, that means hours away from fulfilling your company’s mission. INB’s business programs offer solutions that your company can entrust to us so you can continue doing what you do best, and allowing us to do what we do best.