Striking original photography catches your attention when you walk into the newest INB branch in Bloomington.

Photographed by Springfield’s John Muchow, the artwork is a beautiful complement to the renovated, modern office space INB is now operating from as we serve customers in the Bloomington-Normal area.

Bloomington courthouseJohn, who now focuses on shooting fine art and architecture, got his start many years ago. He was very interested in art as a child, but when his parents signed him up for summer art camps, he felt that he wasn’t naturally gifted with his hands.

“Then I traveled a lot in my high school years, and photography fell in my lap as a way to be artistic,” he said.

When INB opened a new branch in Bloomington, we wanted original photographic artwork to be displayed for our employees and customers to enjoy.

“INB was really wanting the images to be from the Bloomington-Normal area, but other than that, it was my choice on what the subject could be,” John said.

So he called up a friend who is from the area, and she rattled off a list of ideas. John drove around, scouting the area, and continued to get more inspired with each new building he looked at.

“For me, the local architecture really spoke volumes. I loved the mix of old and new,” he said.

This wasn’t John’s first artistic challenge with INB.

John also created the stunning photography hanging in INB’s Mt. Pulaski branch – in which he captured local town fixtures and architecture such as the Mt. Pulaski courthouse – and in INB’s Montvale branch, which showcases photography of Springfield’s Washington Park. John even had to employ creative strategy when it came to shooting those park photos, dodging scores of kids and adults at the height of the Pokemon Go craze!

All of John’s original artwork for INB has been printed by ACE Sign Co. in a frameless final product.

As for the Bloomington branch, John’s favorite photo hangs in one of the first offices closest to the front door.

“I really like the side view of the old courthouse,” he said. “The contrast between the dark sky and bright leaves jump out at me, and I love it!”