car accident, roadside assitanceSome things get better with age, and our BaZing’s Roadside Assistance benefit is one of those things. BaZing Roadside Assistance is part of all INB Power and Power Plus checking accounts and is available 24/7. The assistance is for covered services up to $80. If your covered charges are more than $80, you’ll pay the difference.

BaZing provides the following benefits for the vehicles an INB Power or Power Plus checking account holder owns or leases:

  • Towing Assistance – Your vehicle will be towed to the nearest service facility.
  • Battery Service – If your battery fails, you can get a jump-start.
  • Flat Tire Assistance – The coverage can be applied to service for a flat tire and its replacement with the spare.
  • Fuel, Oil, Fluid and Water Delivery Service – If you need an emergency supply of fuel, oil, fluid and water while on the road, your delivery costs are covered. You must pay for the fuel or other fluid when it is delivered.
  • Lock-out Assistance – If your keys are locked inside your car, this coverage will help you gain entry.
  • Collision Assistance – If you are in a collision or accident and need to be towed, Road America will direct you to the nearest repair facility.
  • Extrication Assistance – If your car is stuck in a ditch or other inaccessible area within 50 feet of a paved road or highway, you’re covered. This service does not cover extrication when driving off-road or on unpaved surfaces.

How to Use the Service

To use any BaZing benefit provided through your INB checking account, you must activate your BaZing account. Our branch staff would be happy to help you do this.

Then, to use the BaZing Roadside Assistance service, call 1-855-822-9464. Be sure and tell the operator you are a BaZing member. TIP: Put the number in your phone, and you’ll have it when you need it. Or just go straight to the BaZing app where you’ll find the phone numbers you need.

The Fine Print

  1. Roadside assistance is offered through Road America Motor Club.
  2. Refer to the Roadside Assistance Terms and Conditions for complete details.
  3. This is not a Roadside Assistance reimbursement service.