deposited itemDo you have trouble remembering the specifics on deposits made to your banking account? Wish you could see what transactions are pending?

So did we. And that’s one reason INB is converting to a new online banking platform on October 17, bringing you new conveniences and heightened security.

“When you can’t remember what was included in that deposit you made last week, you can now view each of the items inside of that deposit, within your online banking activity,” said Jamie Singer, VP, deposit operations.

You can also view pending transactions for your account, including transactions for your debit card, ACH and checks.

Your pending transactions are located at the top of current posted transactions, indicating that they are pending. By having your pending transactions available, you can see the running available balance in your account with those transactions being debited and/or credited.

By clicking on each of the items, you will be able to receive a description, date, and ending balance of your account. The ability to view your running account balance is an enhanced feature not available with our current online banking system.

This will be handy to understand what your various deposits or transactions are, in case you have forgotten, or possibly detect fraud on your account. You will now have a better picture of your available account balance.