Justin Graves, MovemberThe name is catchy: Lincoln Land Mo’ Bros
The cause is good: Men’s Health
Their numbers are small: Two

But you have to start somewhere. And INB’s Mortgage Funding Specialist Justin Graves and a friend started the action in the Springfield area. The Lincoln Land Mo’ Bros mission is to work with the Movember Foundation to change the face of men’s health right here in Abe’s hometown.

Here’s a Q & A with Justin:

How did you get involved with the group?
I was working at Blue Cross Blue Shield and a co-worker had an epic mustache, and of course I was curious, so I asked him about it. He then started to tell me about Movember and what it represents and what it raises money for. I was hooked.

How big is your local chapter? Size nationwide?
Our local chapter is only two people right now. We are always looking for fresh faces. The only drawback that people see about joining The Lincoln Land Mo Bro’s is the fact that they have to shave and grow only mustaches. They are always concerned about how they’ll look instead. I encourage them to look at the big picture of helping save lives. And Movember is not just here in the good Ole USA; it’s GLOBAL!!

Why did you step up to the role of VP?
Well honestly, since there was only two of us it wasn’t a huge promotion, especially since president was already taken.

Have you been part of this event before? How’d it go?
This is my 4th year being part of the Movember Movement. Every year it’s a challenge to raise money and to get people to join. But raising money for charity isn’t easy, yet we get through it. We keep grinding and helping great causes.

How do you help men lead more healthy lives?
That’s easy. Lead by example. Being part of the INB running team and just staying active and being active shows initiative, and the groups we raise money for are definitely worth the time and money. There are a number of groups that we raise money for. They are Prostate Cancer Foundation, Livestrong Foundation, MentalHealth.org, Youth.gov, and HeadsUpGuys. All of the funds raised goes to these foundations. We are bringing awareness to Prostate Cancer, Testicular Cancer, and Mental Health Awareness. Our link for The Lincoln Land Mo Bro’s is https://moteam.co/lincoln-land-mo-bros or you can visit my page at https://mobro.co/cheetobro.

As these bros say on their website: “Support your locally gown moustaches in Springfield, and let’s stop men from dying too young.”