It started with one dog . . . and now there are two. Chatham Branch Operations Officer Amanda Donley’s tale of two pets follows.Amanda Donley, pet adoptions

My family and I adopted a 5-year-old Miniature Pinscher (Min Pin) in 2013 from Benld Adopt-A-Pet. He was just left at the adoption center by his previous owner. His name is Charlie, and he instantly became a part of our family.

My daughter Megan had always wanted a dog, but it took us a couple years to decide if we were ready. My other daughter, Aleta, was only 1 year old when we adopted Charlie, and they are already like two peas in a pod. He is protective of her. His favorite things are car rides, wrestling and snuggles.

When Megan saw all the dogs that were at the shelter to be adopted, she really wanted to help. Over her summer break from school she collected supplies to donate. She collected food, newspapers, bleach, paper towels and blankets.

We decided we wanted another dog for Charlie to play with, so we adopted from the Macoupin County Animal Shelter just this month. We adopted a 2-year-old Min Chin which is a mixture of a Miniature Pinscher and Chihuahua. Her name is Lucy. She was picked up as a stray by animal control, and, since she is really sweet, she was taken to the Shelter for adoption. Charlie and Lucy are already best buds, and we are very glad we were able to give each of them a loving home.collecting donations

I’m glad INB is accepting donations to help animals in need until they can find their forever homes.

INB is collecting donations from employees and customers for the Sangamon County Animal Control and animal rescue charities in Mt. Pulaski, Bloomington, and Fairmount, Ill.