High school academic achievements and involvement?

We have an emoji for that.

Senior of the month, Student of the month, Pleasant Plains High School, Mt. Pulaski High School, Riverton High SchoolINB is a proud sponsor of Student of the Month programs for three Central Illinois area schools, recognizing academic and extracurricular achievements for chosen high school students. The program is run through Mt. Pulaski, Riverton and Pleasant Plains high schools, schools that have a banking relationship with INB.

Each student recipient has been given a monetary prize to commemorate their award…and now they’re also being recognized in a new way.

INB has been partnering with Springfield Emojis to create a unique digital character of the Student of the Month.

“The Student of the Month programs are an important part of the bank, honoring the hard work of our local high school students. The students’ emojis are an innovative way to add to that celebration and give our student recipients even more recognition,” said Marilyn Titone Schaefer, director of marketing for INB.

Students of the Month are chosen by each school’s staff and faculty based on attendance, academics, effort, conduct, cooperation, dependability, leadership, school involvement, and service to others. The selected student is awarded $50 from INB, and monthly recipients are eligible for the Student of the Year honors at graduation, which comes with a $500 award.

In Mt. Pulaski, INB partners with Johnson True Value Hardware and Larry Conaway Jr., which contributes the monthly $100 award. INB awards $500 to one Senior of the Year chosen by school staff and faculty based on scholarship, leadership, service and character.

Once the students are chosen each month from all three schools, Springfield Emojis works their magic.

The online company made Springfield one of the first cities in the nation to have their own emoji and sticker keyboard and app. From horseshoes to Honest Abe, Springfield Emojis has released dozens of funny and interesting Emojis relevant to the Central Illinois area to liven up text and online conversations.

“This is such a fun way for INB to be able to showcase the unique personalities and interests of our Students of the Month, and our communities love seeing the digital versions of our student recipients from Springfield Emojis!” Marilyn said.