Guy Taylor race car, INB sponsorsIf one race car is exciting, two should double the fun.

Guy Taylor and his crew are expanding to two race cars for the 2018 season, and he’s gearing up for his annual tour around the tracks of central Illinois.

“We’re running two cars this year: a Pro Late Model with a new motor and also a Modified, which is an open-motor dirt car,” he said. “We’ll be running 68 nights this year — everywhere from Lincoln over to Macon, Jacksonville, Farmer City, Granite City, Canton and more.”

INB has jumped on to be one of Guy’s 2018 sponsors.  This helps out with the many costs incurred during the race season, from trailering his car, to race entry fees to fuel and insurance.

The continued support is surely appreciated, Guy says.

“We’re definitely excited and appreciative; it’s an expensive hobby, so we rely on sponsors to help us get to the track,” he said. “We’ve banked with INB since they opened, both personally and for our commercial needs with my father’s business, Dick Taylor Collision Services. With the help of INB, it definitely helps us get the best motor, tires and equipment.”

Race Season Starts Soon

To kick off his upcoming racing season, Guy and his team will be hosting an event at INB’s branch on North Dirksen. Come by on Wednesday, March 21, 2018 from 10 am. To 3 p.m. and enter to win a drawing for a pair of tickets to the Lincoln Speedway or a pair for the Macon Speedway. Everybody who stops by can put their name in for the drawing which is being provided by the Taylor team.

“We’re hoping to have both of our cars at INB Dirksen; we’ll let kids take a look at them,” Guy said. “Both cars got new bodies and full decals on the wraps, so we’re excited.

“Everybody at INB has been so awesome to work with for our upcoming season.”

Racing has been a long-time family business for Guy. His dad Dick Taylor — a racer and owner of Dick Taylor Collision Services — had Guy and brother, Matt, on the track in go-carts as kids.

This year, Guy’s brother Matt is stepping out of the driver’s seat himself so that his 13-year-old son can begin learning the sport. “INB’s sponsorship is also helping out my nephew who is racing go-carts,” Guy said.

Take a Peek at the Race cars

Guy has enjoyed the family involvement within his racing career and loves to help raise awareness of the sport. He looks forward to greeting racing fans on March 21, 2018 at INB’s Dirksen branch.