Ready to move?

IChoose INB Home LoanIf you’re like most people, even just thinking about moving into a new home probably adds more stress to your life! How many bedrooms do you need? Basement or no? And how in the world do you decide on the perfect paint color?

Before you get into all of those details, start with the first step: applying for your mortgage loan. And we’re making that step easier for you. With our new IChoose INB Home Loan program, you can apply for a mortgage completely online. Not only is it fast, easy and convenient – the best part is you get INB’s expertise during the entire process.

Start Home Buying with an INB Lender

You’re definitely not alone if you don’t know how the mortgage lending process works. That’s why I always encourage people to come to an experienced mortgage lender at INB first. Using IChoose INB Home Loan, you can complete the process on your own, but you also have the confidence of knowing you can reach out to an INB expert at any time.

Convenience is great, but we know peace of mind is important, too. Buying a home is probably the biggest purchase you’ll ever make, so you want to be sure you’re getting the best mortgage solution for your personal situation…and the only way to do that is with a mortgage lending team who can customize your loan for you.

If you want an easy and quick mortgage application without giving up the personal attention of an INB lender, check out IChoose INB Home Loan. Simply head over to the online application and create a secure account to get started.

Now, onto choosing paint colors…yeah, good luck with that. We can’t take care of everything!