four reasons why IChoose INB Home Loan is the best choice So you’re buying a new home… congratulations!

The first step should be qualifying for a home loan.

If the idea of applying for a mortgage overwhelms you, INB has good news for you. Through our new digital mortgage application, IChoose INB Home Loan, you can apply completely online. Not only is the process simple, but you also get the expertise of one of our experienced INB lenders.

“At INB, we give choices on every loan application we do, unlike the typical bank that fits everything into a box. We offer customized solutions for your personal situation, and IChoose INB Home Loan is just one more way we give our clients convenient, personalized service,” said Natalie Dodson, AVP mortgage lending in Springfield.

Here are just a few reasons why IChoose INB Home Loan is the best choice for your home loan application:

  1. It’s convenient. To complete your loan application, simply head over to IChoose INB Home Loan and create a secure account. You can be assured that your information is protected as you submit your application with the simple click of a mouse.
  2. It’s fast. Your time is valuable, and we know that. The IChoose INB Home Loan application is similar to a question-answer survey, in which new sections open based on your answers. Then as you continue with each stage of the approval process, you can be immediately updated within the online program.“This gives applicants the personal touch of INB along with quick answers; everyone wants updates right away, and IChoose INB Home Loan shows them when their appraisal is in, when their application has been sent to the underwriting department, and other updates throughout the process,” Natalie said.
  3. It’s easy. It’s tough to beat simple. Of course, IChoose INB Home Loan doesn’t replace our valuable in-person relationships, but we also know that it can be a headache to arrange a face-to-face meeting in your busy schedule. With our online application, the process is easy, and our lenders are standing by to assist you as needed.
  4. You get an expert lender. We know how helpful it is to have someone with experience and knowledge to help walk you through a process you’ve never completed before. Our INB mortgage lenders have years of experience in markets across Central Illinois. We know the area, and we know the numbers – so you can rely on our lenders to provide you with a mortgage solution specifically for your needs.

“As a mortgage lender, I do everything from picking up documents at an elderly client’s home to guiding first-time home buyers who don’t even know what questions they should be asking,” Natalie, NMLS # 574151, said.

“The mortgage process can feel overwhelming, especially to first-time buyers or homeowners who haven’t moved in a long time. Our INB lenders can answer just about any question based on our years of experience in central Illinois. In using IChoose INB Home Loan, mortgage applicants get the convenience of an online application alongside that expertise, so it’s a great new option!”