Natalie Dodson

AVP, Mortgage Lender

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NMLS # 574151

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Natalie enjoys all aspects of finance, saving money and investing. She’s been in finance for 15 years, starting in mortgage, and working with a large company as an underwriting assistant for six and a half years. That’s where she learned most about the mortgage industry. 

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Once she earned her degree in 2007 from DeVry University, she says, "I felt like I was supposed to do something different, so I got my Series 6, 63 and Life and Health licenses and became a financial advisor. I enjoyed my job and still to this day enjoy having the knowledge of how the market works, but I missed the mortgage and lending side of the finance world, so when I was approached in 2010 to come back, I decided to make the move, and I have been a lender ever since."

Natalie likes helping people buy homes because it makes them so happy. She says, "It's exciting to see individuals start new stages in life, whether it's a first house, an upgrade, or a retirement home. Each home purchase has its own story and is happy and exciting in its own way. And I get to be part of it!"

Natalie has "two beautiful children and the most wonderful husband; he balances out my crazy days." She says they love to be with their kids, travel, be in the pool, golf, and ride their motorcycle.

"If I decided to give up the world of finance," concludes Natalie, "I'd be a personal trainer or make-up artist because I love make-up and exercise (which you wouldn't know because I also love to eat).

While she thinks of what she might do, truth is Natalie's very good at what she does do. On the INB Blog, Natalie shares some of her knowledge about home buying.

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