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Corey Kates joined INB in 2017 as a loan processor. His job was to make sure our mortgage lenders were ready for loan closings. But as early as his job interview, he let his boss know he was planning to eventually become a mortgage lender. And once he was part of the INB family and learned the culture first-hand, he knew he wanted to become a lender for INB. 

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Corey says, “I first started my mortgage career at Wells Fargo in the Home Preservation Department. There was no greater feeling in the world than letting a client know we could save a home from falling into foreclosure after losing a husband or wife and going to a one-income household. Or letting a client who was the victim of a layoff right before Christmas know that we could help suspend their mortgage payments for three to six months while they’re looking for a new job.”

While Corey liked helping people all over the country, he wanted to work with customers in his own community. “I had been waiting for a chance to get my foot in the door at INB,” he says. A job as a processor came up, and Corey jumped at the chance to be part of the process of helping families move into their new homes while learning all aspects of the origination cycle.

“In the end, it’s the rewarding feeling of seeing the genuine happiness from helping others in the biggest decision of their lives, and I wanted to be the face and person at the forefront of that decision for them,” Corey says. “I want to build a lasting relationship with my clients, and I believe that going out of your way to help others causes a chain reaction in other altruistic acts. If I can make a difference in one person’s life each day, then I’ve found my sense of purpose and satisfaction.”

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