Banking Services Help Assure Fraud Won't Slow Your Business Down

You work hard to keep your business operating smoothly –- don’t let fraud slow you down. At INB, we offer fraud protection solutions to help safeguard your accounts and keep your business up and running.

 Positive Pay & Payee Positive Pay

The most effective way to protect your company against check fraud is with Positive Pay. This service provides convenience, protection, and peace of mind.

Positive Pay works in 3 simple steps:

  1. Issued Check Entry. Upload your issued check file – including check number, dollar amount, and payee name – via our online banking portal, Digital Business Banking. Or manually enter one-off checks.
  2. Automatic Comparison. The system automatically compares the account number, check number, and dollar amount (and payee name if using payee positive pay).
  3. Decisioning. Any items that are not a match appear as an exception and can be approved or denied during your review and decisioning process.

Payee Positive Pay: For an additional layer of protection use Payee Positive Pay which also matches the payee field. 

 ACH Debit Block

ACH Debit Block protects your company against unauthorized ACH transactions.

How ACH Debit Block works:

  1. Set Criteria: Determine authorized criteria standards for incoming ACHs –including maximum amount per transaction and/or maximum daily total.
  2. Exceptions: Electronic transactions not meeting your criteria can be blocked and returned or posted to your account pending review.

 Card Management

Not sure if your Business Visa® Debit Card was lost or stolen? With Card Management, you can freeze your card while you retrace your steps. Through Digital Business Banking you have the ability to turn off and on a debit card with a few clicks your mouse eliminating the downtime associated with reissuing a card that was simply misplaced.