Brenda Tuttle

SVP, Business Solutions

Direct: 217-747-8769

Brenda’s expertise is implementing contracts between the bank and government and corporate customers. Once a contract is in place, she continues working with the government agency or business, assuring ongoing continuity. And that’s the part of the job she loves. “I get to meet people, find out more about their jobs and business, and build a long-term relationship and friendship.” She also gets to work with INB staff bank-wide, and says that’s one of the best things about her position.

“Brenda has been with INB since 2001, and has 25 years of banking experience. She has a finance degree from Illinois State University and is a certified cash manager.”

She stepped away from banking for a few years after the birth of her second child. During her final year home, she went to her children’s public school almost every day to work with kindergartners who were having difficulty reading. She says, “It was a challenge to come up with new, exciting ways for them to enjoy reading/learning.”

When she decided she was ready to work outside the home again, she came back to what she knew well: Treasury Services. She also managed commercial card and prepaid card programs. She notes: “It was quite an adventure as we took both programs from start to finish, setting up the bank’s parameters, hiring staff and working on marketing materials.”

“While at INB, Brenda has always been involved with some aspect of our business and government banking services, and she did similar work for National City Bank and First of America. Her background includes preparing technical proposals, including narrative, profitability analysis and implementation plans.

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