Jason LeMasters

AVP, Mortgage Lender

NMLS # 1059653

Apply for a home loan Direct: 217-747-8648 Mobile: 217-622-7904

After earning his degree in economics almost a decade ago, Jason LeMasters became a mortgage lender. A Springfield native, Jason serves INB mortgage customers in the Springfield community and has an office at our Wabash location. 

While each closing has its own memories, Jason recalls sitting with one single mom and her two kids on closing day. Her children were jumping up and down and the borrower couldn’t stop saying thank you with tears in her eyes because home ownership had been a dream for many years.

Jason takes a great deal of pride in helping borrowers who have been turned down by other lenders. He says that, sometimes, getting someone on the road to home ownership takes more time and requires working through things like credit score issues.

Help like this isn’t available through online mortgage lenders, Jason says.  He notes that though online lenders are becoming more prevalent, they can’t provide the market knowledge and customer service like INB can. 

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