Lynne Wooden

Vice President, Business Solutions

Though Lynne has over 30 years of banking experience, the chance to be part of the local community brought Lynne back to community banking and INB in 2012. Today, that community involvement is a big part of why she thrives.

“I love doing things out in the community. I missed that when I worked for another bank and spent a lot of my time in Chicago. Now, I’m working with people I also get to serve with out in the community.”

Lynne’s job description says she is responsible for implementing contracts and daily account management of government and corporate cash management customers. But her job is more about client relationships . . . and that’s a big deal when you’re responsible for over 150 commercial clients located throughout the state.

“I try to meet with everyone a few times a year,” she says. “We do annual reviews to make sure our products continue to serve them or determine if we need to make adjustments.”

Lynne has worked in banking since 1981. Though she started in operations, she moved to cash management for corporate accounts soon after. “I like it because I get to work with so many great business owners. I always try to do my best for them because they inspire me with their wonderful stories. When you call on a business that’s family owned and it’s thriving or you hear a wonderful success story. That’s exhilarating.

“While I work with existing customers, I also try to establish relationships with customers who don’t have our cash management tools,” Lynne continues. “That’s why I’m not at my desk a lot. A good day for me is NOT being at my desk.“

On these good days, Lynne is finding out what business customers need to make their banking lives easier. “When I find out, I give it to them,” she says. “I’m not going to sell them something they don’t need. I’m there to help them with daily cash flow and to be their trusted consultant.”

Once Lynne identifies the need, she’s able to come back to the bank’s Operation Center and work with the staff that will help serve her clients. “I have confidence in our people who make it work. I can meet with them any day and make sure everything is going to work.”

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