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Katie joined INB in 2021 with 20 years of experience creating and fostering business relationships. Within her first year, she contributed to significant growth in the cannabis-related business markets and took on full responsibility for INB’s largest state and municipal customers.

Today, Katie serves as Senior Vice President and leads INB’s Treasury Sales division.

While she received her bachelor’s degree in fine arts, Katie began her career in sales right after graduation. She started in kitchen and bath sales, moved to pharmaceutical sales for nine years, then to custom website design sales for nine years. All of her positions helped feed her desire to help people, a trait she carried with her into banking.

Katie enjoys listening to clients and getting to know them personally and professionally so she can uncover their specific business needs. She believes creating a relationship is crucial to selling any product or service. 

Katie’s optimism and outgoing personality make it easy for her to build these relationships. And she’s continually impressed with the Treasury team’s drive to truly understand customers’ businesses and to provide them with the tailored solutions they need to thrive. For Katie, gaining repeat clients and referrals thanks to earning her clients’ trust is her greatest career accomplishment.

Katie and her husband have two daughters.  When not working, she loves to visit her oldest at college and watch her youngest on the volleyball court or running track.

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