Diana Nielsen

AVP, Montvale Branch Manager

NMLS # 1080837

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After originally beginning her career at INB in the accounting department, Diana Nielsen had the opportunity to work directly with customers in a manager training program. She accepted.

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Diana came to INB in December 2015 after years of retail experience at another bank. She joined INB because she was drawn to the culture.

“I was attracted by the size of the company, and it was also a totally different environment,” she says. “I could walk into the CEO’s and CFO’s offices, and I could talk to them. If something was going on, we could deal with it and not have to go through so many steps like the larger bank I was with.”

But as she worked in accounting, she also remembered working with customers in her previous job.  “I remembered so many of my customers, like elderly people who would come to the bank just to talk – they become a part of you,” she adds. “There are hard days of course, but it’s rewarding. For me, that’s really important.” So in 2019, she decided it was time to go back to that face-to-face contact.

Today, Diana, Assistant Vice President, serves as our Montvale branch manager.

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