Bill Williams

SVP, Commercial Banker

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Bill Williams has been a banker in the Florida market for more than three decades. He’s worked for large, dominant market leaders as well as community banks. The variety gave him a chance to experience different bank cultures and customer bases. When he learned about INB moving into the Florida market, he took his time studying the bank, its people and culture before coming on board.

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With the confidence in going back to work with former boss Allen Brinkman (link to profile), Bill joined INB in the summer of 2022, continuing to work in a business market he has great confidence in.

Bill’s “secret sauce” to commercial lending is transparency. He does what he says he will do, he’s honest and doesn’t play games when it comes to helping a client find success.

A Memphis, TN native, Bill has called Tampa home for the last 32 years.  He says Tampa and Florida are benefiting from 1) no state income tax 2) great weather, beaches and entertainment 3) a good business environment. 

Bill’s expertise is in the real estate market. He’s a member of the Real Estate Investment Council (REIC) and the International Council of Shopping Centers (ISCS). 

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