Debbie Shelton

SVP, West Wabash Ave. and Montvale Branch Manager and Retail Customer Service Manager

NMLS # 662907

Customer service is Debbie Shelton’s passion.  When she took her first job as a bank teller, she knew she’d found her calling.  “I thought, ‘How would I want someone to treat my parents?  My grandparents?’  Then that’s how I set out to treat the people who came to my teller line.  And I wanted the most customers in my line!  I treated the place like it was my candy shop.”

Today, as a branch manager, Debbie expects nothing less from the tellers who work at INB.  She expects everyone who walks in that door to be greeted with a hello, and everyone who leaves to be acknowledged.  “The branch is our house.  When you get home, you say, ‘Hi,’ right?  And when you leave you say, ‘Goodbye’?  You do the same here.

Many times it’s Debbie saying the “Hi” and “Bye.”  She gets behind the teller line most days simply because she likes to.  “I like talking to customers.  You know, everybody’s got stuff in their lives.  Nobody is exempt from it.  I like to be able to give them five minutes and make them feel special … because they are.”

INB’s lucky to include Debbie among its original employees.  She’s been with the bank since it opened, and has always been willing to take on more responsibility, even when that meant stepping a bit further away from routine contact with customers. 

When away from the bank, Debbie volunteers at the Mini O’Beirne Crisis Nursery which provides emergency, temporary care for children whose parents are in crisis and the Kings’ Daughters Organization which provides grant funding to enhance the lives of senior citizens in Sangamon County. 

Originally from Pittsfield, Debbie “landed” in Springfield when her husband, Steve, finished school in Indiana.  She says of Indiana, “It was too far from home.  Springfield was close… but not too close.” 

Debbie shares some of her banking experiences on the INB Blog.

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