Aimee Craft

Riverton Assistant Branch Manager

NMLS # 662885

Direct: 217-747-8652

Aimee Craft, a Riverton native, remembers 2004 when INB bought Riverton Community Bank. “Everyone was concerned because they were bought out by a ‘big bank,’” she says. “It seemed like INB was huge compared to what they were used to.”

Today, as our Riverton Assistant Branch Manager, Aimee sees from the inside that INB is anything but massive.

“INB appealed to me because it was close to home, and I came from a large bank so I liked that INB was smaller,” she says. “I love being able to work in the community I grew up in and have the ability to volunteer and help our community grow.”

Over the last 15 years, Aimee has seen branch foot traffic decrease significantly as customers do more banking online and less in person. But that hasn’t changed INB’s overall culture.

“INB is a bank that truly cares for their employees and their customers. Even though everyone is using online banking and direct deposit, we find a way to be intentional about one-on-one connection,” she says.

 “It’s great to see a bank that started out so small be able to grow and thrive,” Aimee says. “INB has been successful in our community because even though we have grown in size, we treat our customers as a hometown bank. Looking ahead, I believe we will continue to grow with technology and excellent customer service!”

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