Legitimate Bank Fraud Department Won’t Ask Debit Card Number


Unfortunately, scams have become a routine part of life. The Federal Trade Commission even has a website dedicated to alerting consumers about scam activity. We were recently made aware of a new scam related to debit cards. It works like this:

You receive a text, phone call, or voice mail from the fraud department at a bank saying the staff needs to verify activity on your debit card. The fraudster may even give you the last four digits of your debit card.

A common response would be, “But those numbers aren’t the last four digits of my card. My numbers are . . . ”

STOP.  That’s exactly what the caller wants you to do!  He or she wants your actual card information to commit identity theft or use the information to make purchases from your account. 

One red flag as you receive your inquiry from the “bank’s” fraud department:  You don’t bank with the organization that claims to be calling! When that happens by phone, don’t be compliant.  Don’t continue with the conversation. Hang up!  If the inquiry is by text, don’t text back!  Delete emails asking the same question! If you haven’t initiated the call, don’t disclose your card number or other account information to anyone!

If a legitimate bank like INB needs to contact you about fraudulent activity, the caller will already know your account and card information, and will be notifying you as a courtesy  . . . probably to shut down your card.