Are You Taking Advantage of Smartphone Banking?


These days, smartphones aren’t just for checking email, making a call or scheduling your calendar. You can actually manage and complete a variety of secure banking activities straight from your phone with the INB app. You can….

  1. Deposit checks. Did someone write you a check for money they owed you? Forget about heading to the bank – simply deposit it into your account via your phone! If you need some help, watch a video to see the exact steps.
  2. Pay your bills. It doesn’t get much easier! When you log in to the INB app on your smartphone, choose the “Bill Pay” feature from the navigation at the bottom of the app and then follow the prompts.
  3. Pay with your debit card – without using your debit card. You can use mobile pay apps to easily make payments using your INB debit card. 
  4. Pay quickly for online purchases with INB’s Visa Checkout. With a single, secure login, you can make payments directly from your checking account.
  5. You can see all of your account balances and transactions, even without having to log in. Here’s how.

Want extra help? You can view videos of online banking demos that will walk you through the process!