Moving into your Dream Home


Congratulations on becoming a homeowner! Now that you’ve chosen your dream home, why wait longer than you need to before getting your hands on the keys?

While you might keep a moving checklist as you pack, we also have our own moving checklist for you at Illinois National Bank.

After your contract has been accepted on your new home, there are numerous steps to receive loan approval from your bank, and most people don’t know what to expect. However, each of these steps is well-documented like a checklist, and at INB, we make our expert marks on this list without keeping you waiting around. 

So, what happens next after you make an offer on a house? At INB, each of our lenders follows precise steps to get from contract to closing on your home mortgage.

Read more on the INB blog to figure out what we do behind the scenes, and what we need your help with, during the process of closing on your home loan.