Planning for a Trip Abroad


If you’re getting ready to travel to beautiful locations abroad, INB can help equip you with the foreign currency you need.

At INB’s branch located at 3150 W. Wabash Ave. in Springfield, we provide foreign currency sales for the British pound, Canadian dollar, and European euro, with the option for buyback. INB also offers the Chinese yuan, Japanese yen, and Mexican peso without the buyback option.

For INB customers, we can order any currency that we don’t stock at the branch, which can take up to 5 days to process. Buyback is not available for special orders, however.

Non-INB customers may also make transactions for foreign currency, but it must be done with cash.

As you prepare for your travel outside of the United States, stop into the INB Wabash branch to stock up on the currency you need to experience all that your trip has to offer.