Apple Pay™ now available for INB debit cards


Apple Pay™ is now available with your INB debit card. Apple Pay™ offers an easy, secure, and private way to pay using Touch ID on iPhone® 6, iPhone® 6 Plus, iPad Air® 2, iPad mini® 3, and Apple Watch®. You simply need to add your INB debit card to your Passbook®. The service is free.

We’ve chosen to take part in Apple Pay™ because of the security features built into the program. Your personal information remains private to the retailer. At the time of the transaction, a dynamic security code is generated to transfer money from INB to the retailer. To add to the safety features, you can remotely halt the service via the “Find My Phone” service available on Apple® products. Additionally, if someone tries to get into your phone and is eventually locked out for not knowing the passcode, your debit card will be unregistered from Apple Pay™.

And when it comes time to shop and pay, Apple Pay™ is extremely convenient. There’s no need to carry your debit card or cash if you plan to shop at Apple Pay™ enabled retailers. Just use your phone to pay. When it comes time to pay, you don’t even need to open an app. Just use your device’s Touch ID.

If you regularly use your debit card for payments and you’re an iPhone user, take advantage of this convenient, safe way to pay. Our website lists the steps to adding a card to your Passbook®.