INB, N.A. Enters Florida Commercial Banking Market



(Springfield, IL, Sept. 7, 2022) -- INB, N.A. announces its strategic partnership and entry into the Florida commercial banking market. INB has partnered with a team of well-known, well-rounded bankers who have extensive experience in multiple business sectors across Florida.

INB’s Florida Market CEO Allen Brinkman says, “Long-term relationships were instrumental in our entry into the Florida market. We have several board members located in Florida who are significant shareholders of INB.”

INB CEO and President Sarah Phalen says, “Everything just fell into place.  It was an organic and philosophical conversation at the beginning. As a result, it didn’t take long for our Florida team and INB to recognize that we share a common objective to provide service to the client that is customized, professional, and timely.”

Brinkman says, “Choosing INB as a partner was an easy decision. When you and your clients are aligned with similar goals and objectives, and you juxtapose that with an institution that is not aligned, you act. This is why our team came together. INB provides a solution to that disconnect.” He stated that within the first three weeks with INB, the Florida team has already generated over $146,000,000.00 in loans to Florida customers using the expertise of bankers backed by a first-class institution. “INB’s fast turnaround times and customized service are offering customers what the team’s former banks were unable to provide,” Brinkman adds

INB Florida Sales Team

The Florida team will be led by Florida Market CEO Allen Brinkman. Brinkman has been in banking for 25 years and will cover all banking operations in Florida.  He will work out of the INB Florida headquarters in Tampa Bay.

Gabriella (Gaby) Cioli has taken the position of South Florida Market President. She is responsible for middle market commercial accounts. She has 28 years of banking experience and will continue to work out of Miami. 

Joining the team as Commercial Bankers are:

Robert Frederick has 17 years’ banking experience.  Rob has a strong credit background and will cover commercial and real-estate banking. Rob will work out of the Tampa Bay office.

Susan Maurer has 30 years in banking and financial services. Susan will cover commercial banking and real-estate. Susan will work out of the Tampa Bay office.

Miranda Kelly has 20 years’ banking experience and will cover business and commercial banking.  Miranda will work out of the Tampa Bay office.

Bill Williams has 30 years of experience in banking. Bill will cover commercial real estate and will work out of the Tampa Bay office.

About INB, N.A. – INB is a privately held national bank that recently began providing commercial banking products in Florida. Founded in 1999 in Springfield, IL, the bank offers commercial banking services in Illinois and Missouri.