How to Get a Barnaby Bee


Barnaby Bee has been part of the INB’s legacy and is now part of the future, too. In between celebrating our 20th anniversary and undergoing a name change from “Illinois National Bank” to “INB”, we gave our bee a new look. Now, we’re ready to share “Barnaby 2019” with new customers.  We’re also giving bees to current customers who refer someone for an INB account.

Barnaby Bee had pretty much exited the INB marketing landscape by 2017, but his legacy remained, evidenced by the stuffed bees in INB employee offices and other bee knickknacks: bee “piggy” banks, Frisbees and golf towels.  

Barnaby is a product of the 1960s according to INB Board Member Jim Antonacci who worked for the original INB and was one of the founders of today’s INB. The bee was recommended by an ad agency and first used in 1966. The bee became part of the INB landscape as bank employees celebrated his birthdays with the community. You could find his image on most anything “INB,” including shirts worn by a bank basketball team.

When Jim and his friends opened the new INB in 1999, they took full advantage of Barnaby’s notoriety. “We bought billboards that said, ‘We’re back’ with the bee in the corner. These got a lot of attention.” He says the bank also used the theme, “We’re buzzing with new ideas.” It was perfect for a new bank, working to stand out in the late 1990s.

Now, Barnaby is back again, buzzing about good things yet to come at INB. Here’s how to get yours.