Switching to INB Easier than Ever


Up until now, switching banks was hard work. New customers needed to contact their employers to change a direct deposit.  They had to connect with all the businesses they paid automatically from a checking account. And they had to contact their old bank to close the old account. But thanks to INB’s newest use of technology, switching banks is now painless.

When someone comes to an INB branch to open an account, it’ll take less than 30 minutes to switch direct deposits and automatic payments, as well as reach out to a new customer’s current financial institution about the change.  This service eliminates the hassle of having to contact each business and helps ensure people don’t miss a payment during an account transition. And if they don’t want to stop by the branch, new customers can start the process online

INB staff also helps new customers set up an online account, including helping switch bill payments previously made through their old account.  We provide more details here.

It’s all part of the bank’s mission to make banking easy.