Foreign Currency

INB is the only bank in Central Illinois to provide foreign currency exchange. We’re happy to provide this value-added service.

Determining Rates

Exchange rates found online are wholesale rates and do not take specific denominations into consideration. While we request a rate discount from our supplier for orders of larger amounts, there could still be a difference between our rates and what you see online. We sell foreign currency at the same conversion rate that we buy currency from our supplier, so we do not make money by charging a higher conversion rate. Our fees cover our cost to maintain a supply of commonly requested currencies.

As you plan your trip, please consider the amount of currency you’ll need and only purchase that amount. Please read our blog post for tips on calculating how much you will actually need. 

Use Cards Whenever Possible

Consider using your INB debit card or credit card whenever possible. Conversion rates tend to be better when using an electronic means of payment, and since conversion rates change daily, the rate at which you sell your currency back may be less than the purchase rate. 

Important Information:

  • Foreign currency sales are available Monday - Friday at our Wabash Branch only.
  • Our exchange fees per transaction are: $15 for INB customers and $30 for non-customers
  • Rates change daily.
  • Fees subject to change without notice.
  • Non-customer transactions must be made in cash.
  • We can special order non-stocked currency for bank customers; buyback is not available on these special orders. Special orders take up to five days to process.

INB Provides Foreign Currency Sales for the:

  • British Pound
  • Canadian Dollar
  • Chinese Yuan (Buyback not available)
  • European / Euro
  • Japanese Yen (Buyback not available)
  • Mexican Peso (Buyback not available)