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No matter what you want to pay for, INB is here to help. From lending you the money for your new boat to using the equity in your home to remodel your kitchen, we will help you fund the project or purchase you’ve been dreaming of.

Wondering what your loan payments will be, or how much you can afford to borrow? Use our loan calculators.

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Secured Loans

INB offers many types of secured loans for vehicles, motorcycles, boats or other watercraft. With local decision-making, secured loans at INB are quick and hassle-free.

Home Equity Loans

A home equity loan from INB lets you use the equity in your home to help pay for vacations, college tuition, new cars or home improvements. We offer flexible terms and competitive interest rates - and this interest may be tax deductible. Consult your tax advisor to be sure.

Cash Reserve

At INB, we give you the peace of mind for those "just in case" moments. Once you apply we’ll determine your limit and set aside a dollar amount. You can write a check to access your line and repayment is simple: we will debit your account each month for the minimum payment due. (A small transfer fee applies with each advance on your line.)

Personal Credit Cards

To learn more about a personal credit card from INB, go here.