Individual Retirement Accounts IRA

The best time to start saving for retirement is now! INB offers several options to help you jump start your retirement savings.

  • A Money Market IRA is the most basic of the accounts and offers the most flexibility of our offerings. After a small opening deposit, you can deposit money at any time and the account has a competitive interest rate.
  • The Structured Savings IRA is retirement savings made easy. You bring us $50 and tell us how much you want to add each month and we will automatically transfer it from your INB account, all with a great interest rate!
  • The third option that INB offers as an IRA is a variety of Certificates of Deposit, or CDs. A range of options are available from a 6 month maturity, through a 5 year maturity.

Deposit and withdrawal limitations are dictated by IRS rules. You may need to consult your tax advisor regarding these limitations.

For more robust retirement offerings, please visit INB Wealth.