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Additional Services

INB offers a handful of supplementary banking services to help manage your finances

At INB, we have the skill, talent, and expertise to help navigate any number of financial decisions. As such, we offer personalized services to help guide financial decisions and make your life easier.

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Safe Deposit Boxes

Choose from various sizes and store your valuables in a safe deposit box

Wire Transfers

Send money to most anywhere in the world (time restrictions apply)

Notary Public

Free notary public service is available to our customers

Signature Guarantees

Free signature guarantees are available to our customers - Includes Medallion Signature Guarantees

Series EE Bonds

We can cash government bonds with proper identification

MasterCard® Debit Card

Use your card instead of writing a check and have instant access to cash at thousands of locations around the world

Night Depository Service

After hours, use our handy night depository for either envelope or bag drop

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is the safe convenient way to have your payroll or government check deposited automatically

Cashiers Checks and Money Orders

Get the assurance of guaranteed funds with an INB Cashiers Check or Money Order. INB Customers Only

Automatic Loan Payments

With this automatic service, your funds remain in checking or savings until the moment they are needed to cover a loan payment