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Personal and Business Online Banking Upgrade

We recently upgraded our personal and business online banking system. As a result, the system is easier to use and navigate. In addition, the new interface is now optimized for mobile use. New features include improved integration to ancillary applications, simplified transferring of funds, access to alerts, bill payment updates, and the ability to better manage your account information.

The new system is optimized for the following browsers. If you have not already updated, we strongly recommend doing for security purposes and to ensure desired functionality.

Internet Explorer, version 11 Chrome (current version) Firefox (current version) Safari, version 7.0+ Safari for iOS, version 7+

If not already using INB Personal Online Banking, you can enroll at anytime.

Inbnew Online

Redesigned Home Page

The new home page displays features and actions that customers use most often.

Improved Account List Printing

Users can now print easily readable, properly formatted summary-level account information for the accounts that appear on the Home page, without any extraneous information or formatting issues. 

Redesigned Account Detail

The Account Information page prioritizes account activity over the actions that users can perform, enabling users to access all their account information in one location, in an easily readable format.

Redesigned Transaction List

Users can sort transactions by Date, Description, or Amount, with icons indicating sortability; running balances appear when users sort transactions by date.

Improved Transaction Search

Customers can now access streamlined transaction search functionality directly from the Account Information page, providing quick and easy access to search functionality in the context that is most useful to customers.

Improved Transaction Download

Customers can now download processed transactions from a single location by using the Download option in the account navigation area in formats such as Excell, Microsoft Money, Quickbooks, and Quicken. 

Transaction Printing

With the Print tool, users can quickly and easily print the transactions that appear on the Account Detail page, without any extraneous information or formatting.

Simplified Transfer Feature

The new release updates the integrated Transfer feature to simplify the user interface, combine express and scheduled transfers, improve usability, and add additional functionality. 

Transfer From Multiple Locations

Users can now initiate transfers from multiple locations. When users initiate a transfer from within the context of a particular account, INB Personal Online Banking now initially populates the transfer with that account's information as the originating account.

Updated Profile Management

Customers can view and update their password, security challenge questions, address, telephone information, and electronic statement and mobile banking enrollment in one area.

Bill Payment Updates

The update incorporates all bill payment solutions into one section on the right of the Home page and into the primary navigation area.

Other Technologies Coming Soon

Mobile Banking for Cash Management Customers

INB Cash Management Online customers can soon use mobile banking and take advantage of Mobile Deposit.

Card Valet

Easily turn your debit card on or off through your INB Mobile Banking App.

INB Customer Support Center

INB will soon upgrade the phone and support system to more efficiently address customer requests virtually.

Cash Management Online Wire Transfers

Cash Management Online customers will be able to administer wire transfers.