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Mortgage Consultation

Learn valuable information and gain insight from our experienced lenders

INB lenders have the skill, talent, and experience to help guide you through any mortgage or real estate decision. They understand the Inland Northwest market and can help guide you in the right direction. Schedule a time to meet with any of our lenders.

Mortgage Inquiry


Our lenders can share valuable lending information


We offer no obligation consultation free of charge


We can create a personalized assessment of your needs


Possible Needs and Concerns

Here a few topics you may want to discuss with an INB lending expert.

  • A rising payment due to an ARM Loan resetting
  • Consolidating your first and second mortgages which may lower your overall payment*
  • Primary residence, vacation, and investment property
  • Using home equity to fund an important purchase*
  • Consolidating credit card and other high interest revolving debt*
  • Eliminating private mortgage insurance (PMI)

Viewing your mortgage as a financial instrument that can help you save money and achieve other life goals is a smart move. It all begins with meeting with a mortgage lending professional at INB.

*Please consult your financial advisor about the consolidation of short term debt into long term debt.