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Approval Check List

What We Need to Approve Your Loan

INB is happy to answer any questions or assist you in any way during the loan financing process. Here is a list of items we will need to approve your loan.

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Current Pay Stub

Be sure you have your latest pay stub from your employer.

Two Months of Bank Statements

Have ready your last two months of bank statements ready to submit.

IRA, 401K, and Pension Statements

Be sure you have all investments and retirement funds ready for review, if applicable.

Most Two Recent Tax Returns

We will need your last two filed personal tax returns including all schedules and W2's


We need to ensure "you" are really "you"

Other Items That May Be Needed

  • Child Support/Alimony Agreement (if applicable)*
  • Divorce decree (if applicable)*
  • Hazard and Flood Insurance Policy
  • DD214/Cert. of Eligibility (VA Loans)
  • Two years of business tax returns (if self employed)

*Alimony child support or maintenance income need not be disclosed unless you would like us to consider it for purposes of your loan application.