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We believe we have something special to offer

Welcome to Inland Northwest Bank! We believe we have something special to offer at INB, and our Mission Statement is designed to capture this positive attitude and unique spirit.

"Inland Northwest Bank's goal is to be a great community bank, a preferred place to work, and a caring corporate citizen, constantly providing outstanding customer service and an excellent return to its shareholders."

When we say our mission is to be a "great community bank," the "great" refers to how we want to be perceived by our customers. While we strive to stay up with new technologies, we are much more of a "high touch" bank, rather than a "high tech" bank. You don't get a recorded menu of options when you call INB. Our phones are answered by a person, not a machine. Our lenders and Branch Managers take the time to get to know their customers and they are empowered to respond quickly to their needs. Loan applications are reviewed by seasoned lenders, not a computer. About 90% of our new accounts come from referrals by our existing customers, which is a strong endorsement for our level of customer service.

"Community bank" means we are largely owned by hundreds of residents of the Inland Northwest. Stock in the bank is available for purchase by the public and many of our customers are also stockholders in the bank. Information on our stock performance can be found on our Investor Relations Page. Being a community bank also means that our lending efforts are focused right here in our community where they will contribute to the strength of our local economy and help create jobs.

It has been said that small business is the engine that drives local economic development and that credit fuels the engine. I believe community banks are uniquely qualified to provide that credit because they, too, are small businesses, and their success is largely dependent on making loans to business customers.


Being a community bank means that all of the decisions are made right here in the Inland Northwest. We do not have to consult with someone hundreds or even thousands of miles away or take direction from anyone who is unfamiliar with our area. We think this gives us a distinct advantage in responding to the needs of our customers.

An integral part of our mission is to be "a preferred place to work." This means we treat our employees with respect, value their input, and empower them so they can provide the best possible customer service. We offer good career opportunities and appropriate training, and are very supportive of education that is job related or that will help prepare the banker for advancement. We strive to offer compensation and benefits packages that are among the best in our industry and we believe in "pay for performance."

Being a "caring corporate citizen" means we recognize we have a responsibility to give back to the communities in which we do business. Many INB bankers volunteer for numerous worthy causes throughout the Inland Northwest. Our bankers serve on boards of trustees of various non-profit organizations, and the Bank has always maintained a strong commitment to philanthropy.

"Providing outstanding customer service" has been a hallmark of the bank since the day we opened for business on October 2, 1989. The primary trait that differentiates financial institutions is the service they provide. To be a "great community bank" we must provide "outstanding customer service." They go hand in hand, and, judging by our growth rate and the number of referrals we continue to get from our customers, we must be doing a good job in this all-important area. We think we have the best customers of any bank, and they deserve the best service. That is our belief, and that is our goal. We don't just try to meet our customers' expectations--we endeavor to exceed them.

Last but not least, we strive to "provide an excellent return to our shareholders." This is essential because it is their capital that was the genesis for Inland Northwest Bank and which continues to give us the financial strength we need to grow and prosper. Our shareholders took a risk by investing in Inland Northwest Bank and they deserve a return on that investment.

So if you are new to the area, or if you are unhappy with your current banking relationship, we invite you to give us a try! I promise you will be glad you did!

Randall L. Fewel

President and CEO