Move Money

Pay Friends and Family Instantly 

We’ve launched a new payment option offering Person-to-Person (P2P) payments through smartphones, tablets or any other device. The P2P feature lives within our INB digital banking and allows you to view and send payments to other people.

Need to send money to your child at college? Want to pay someone back for concert tickets? All your friend or family member needs is a Visa or MasterCard debit card, and the payment is immediate.

Here’s why customers should consider using the INB P2P feature to send money…

It’s Simple, instantaneous, free and secure.

  • Skip the complicated steps and multi-day waiting periods that often come with many other payment programs.
  • To pay someone with P2P, simply open your INB digital bank on your phone or computer. Choose the Move Money tab. Add your friend as a new payee. All you’ll need for this is a friend’s phone number or email address.
  • Next, select new transaction. Choose which account to use, who to pay and the amount to send – and then submit. Just like that, you’ve paid someone within your secure, digital banking session.

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Bill Pay on the Home Screen

Since customer routinely access their digital bank account to pay bills, we heard from you that it was important to put bill pay capabilities on your home screen.  We’ve added a “Quick Pay” feature that allows you to identify your “favorites” when it comes to sending money. Once a “favorite,” you can click on the payee and send money without first choosing the “Move Money” section of our digital bank.

To add a favorite, click on the pencil icon, and you’ll see a full list of payees.  Choose as few or as many as you’d like to display on your home screen.

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Adding or Deleting a Recurring Payment

If you’ve set up a recurring payment and would like to make a change, you can edit a single payment in a series or edit an entire series. To do this, click on the scheduled payment, then edit it using the pencil icon.

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Pay Multiple Payees Efficiently

Pay multiple payees efficiently

If you have several bills to pay at once, you could benefit from the multi-payee indicator. When you get to the “Choose a Recipient” screen inside of bill pay, click on the icon of two people. Checkboxes will then appear next to your payees. Select as many as you like and continue with the Move Money workflow. The video below will step you through the process.

Make Payments from Multiple Accounts

Your bill payment is defaulted to make payments from your checking account. You can add other accounts under your INB digital profile. When you pay your bills, be sure to choose the account you wish to pay from.

View Scheduled Payments

Scheduled payments are sorted to show your next scheduled payment at the top of the list. Others are listed in ascending order.