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Ten Capital

“Before my grandfather passed, I was able to have some significant conversations with him,” Tim Mitrovich remembers, looking at a painting that had once hung in his grandfather’s office. It now hangs in Mitrovich’s office as a reminder. It’s not the only way to remember.

His grandfather, Joe Custer, was among the founding organizers who created the Centennial Trail, so Mitrovich can take a five-minute walk from the offices of Ten Capital if he wants to reflect upon the importance of building something that lasts.

“He was the sort of guy who was about the team—about uplifting others. He was about relationships, community, and never taking shortcuts,” Mitrovich says, “That’s why we’re called Ten Capital. That was his high school football number, so it’s a nod to his way of doing things.”

An investment management firm that provides client-focused financial solutions in partnership with INB, Ten Capital strives for Joe Custer’s level of  integrity in its day-to-day operations. “It’s about good corporate citizenship and truly caring about people,” Mitrovich says. “A lot of businesses talk about being client-focused, but we’re trying to live that out in some really unique ways.”

If you can tell a person’s — or a firm’s — priorities by looking at their calendar, it’s clear that Ten Capital’s wants to truly know their clients and partners through a mixture of social and educational gatherings, and to support their local community. One month, the team will fly in a world-class financial manager from L.A. or London to meet with clients. The next month, a client event will include watching the Spokane Symphony practice at the Fox Theater. The next quarter it might be watching March Madness at the Globe, enjoying a group cooking class at the Kitchen Engine, or hosting an informative talk on a pertinent investment topic.

The point of all this gathering? “We want our clients to have confidence in the fact that we honestly care about their family at least in part because we’ve actually taken the time to get to know about their family," Mitrovich says. “We want to know you, your story, and your goals, so we can help find the best solutions that actually fit your story—as opposed to just another person pushing a product before taking the time to listen.”

On the individual and retirement planning side of Ten Capital, Jake Timm and his team work closely with INB to help banking customers who have unique investment needs. On the commercial side, Mitrovich and others help businesses navigate the complexities of investing. When prompted, both Timm and Mitrovich are eager to share recent success stories: a couple who are nearing retirement and need to feel confident moving into that season, or a small business owner who has just relocated to Spokane and needs a multi-faceted financial plan for his enterprises—as well as introductions to the right people in the accounting and legal communities.

When listening to these stories, it becomes clear that Ten Capital doesn’t see them as “accounts” or lines on a spreadsheet, but as ongoing relationships with hard-working people.

That’s how Number Ten would’ve seen them as well.

Investment products and services are offered through Ten Capital Investment Services. Ten Capital Investment Services is not affiliated with INB (Bank) and;

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