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Business Profile

Stancraft Boats

What do you do after earning an engineering degree in Colorado, then pursuing an MBA and a law degree in Seattle? For Robb and Amy Bloem, the obvious answer was the not-so-obvious answer: move back to Coeur d’Alene to helm the Stancraft Boats family business. “I wanted to get any degree I could so I had the freedom to work anywhere in the world,” says Robb. “Turns out ‘anywhere in the world’ was here.”

A 12-Year-Old, 82-Year-Old Company

Amy’s father, Sid Young, took over the custom-boat business from his father Stan, who established the Stancraft name in 1933. But the business has seen its greatest growth since Robb and Amy took over as the third generation. “Believing in ourselves, knowing we could do it on our own…that was the key,” says Robb. “We have a great story, a great history. But really, we’re a 12-year-old, 82-year-old company.”

"INB has helped us manage our phenomenal growth rate.”

Robb and Amy have turned to INB to help fuel their success. “It’s hard for most banks to comprehend a one-off custom boat manufacturer. INB has done a good job of understanding what we do and how we operate. And they’ve helped us manage our phenomenal growth rate.”

But their future—including plans for a new 26,000-square-foot corporate headquarters and a major presence on the west coast—still ties to the deep family roots in craftsmanship. “We don’t know who originally said it, but Amy and I found a quote that’s a perfect fit for us: ‘We build good ships, at a profit if we can, at a loss if we must. But we always build good ships.’”