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The year was 2004. There was no such thing as the iPad. Or the smart phone. Or even, for that matter, YouTube. And yet, Nick Murto and Tyler Lafferty had already glimpsed the future of marketing, opening their digital agency Seven2 to work on projects in the interactive realm.

Pixels Driven By Passion

Soon, they were doing work for powerhouse brands such as AT&T, Disney, Nickelodeon, Expedia, GoDaddy, and dozens of others… in Spokane. And that was by design. “We wanted to do this in Spokane. We knew we could do this in Spokane,” says Tyler. The challenge was finding a banking partnership that shared their vision. It’s a path that eventually led them to INB. “We have a very loyal relationship,” says Nick. “We feel like we have someone who understands our business, someone who fights for us, someone who looks at everything through the lens of helping us succeed.”

In fact, that banking relationship has helped Nick and Tyler open three other businesses: 14Four (a digital shop focused on partnering with advertising agencies), Method Juice Café, and The Union yoga and spinning studio.

"Our secret is passion. It’s in the work we do, and in the people we hire."

“Our secret is passion,” adds Nick. “It’s in the work we do, and in the people we hire. It’s even in our mission statement: Do great work for great clients, and have fun doing it.”