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Klaue House

Just a few minutes’ drive into the woods from familiar south hill sights, I am drawn into a setting that feels wholly unique. Atop a 3-story rock that overlooks both pine forest and a picturesque horse ranch, celebrated home designer Dan Klaue welcomes me to his residence. It’s immediately clear: he takes his work home with him.

I make a mental note as he shows me around: the details, artwork, and lighting in each room show a level of detail one usually only sees on those HGTV dream-house shows. A few minutes later, it comes up that Klaue has given narrated tours of his private homes on HGTV multiple times. Bingo.

But beyond luxury and design, there is something deeply calming about this place. When he shows me the perfectly appointed meditation space, I begin to sense why. The room is hidden behind a secret bookshelf door, which is built right into the Canadian cedar walls. There is a spiritual component to this home.

And there should be. It was designed by prominent Spokane architect Donald Neraas, who is world-renowned for his ecclesiastical architecture: the building of sacred spaces. As a sixteen-year-old, Neraas began working for the firm that built St. John’s Cathedral in Spokane, and the experience stuck with him. He went on to design spiritually focused structures in locations all over the world, including a library, education center and museum at St. George’s College and Anglican Center in East Jerusalem.

When Klaue first saw this home — Neraas’s tall-ceilinged sanctuary built on a huge rock — it struck him as the perfect canvas. Upon purchasing the house, Klaue spent a year and a half peeling it back to its most basic elements and artfully finishing it in a new style, with a host of details that work together with the architecture to form a unified experience.

The rock upon which the home sits is echoed inside and outside the home, starting with the custom stone floor in the entry, and ending with the natural rock featured prominently in the wine cellar. The work of local artists and artisans shine throughout—quite literally, because Klaue’s specialty is in lighting design. The cedar beckons guests to look out across a sea of evergreen trees below, or study the knotty pines that tower close to the deck. Somehow, the total effect is a space that feels ideal for either a silent meditation retreat or a rollicking social event.

“When people ask how I categorize this home, I like to refer to it as ‘Zen Ranch’,” Klaue says. “It definitely has a mid-century modern feel, but with a Zen Asian flair.”

The description fits as well as any, but labels are difficult to tag onto a one-of-a-kind place. As the tour draws to a close, and Klaue describes the stories behind the stones that had been gathered for the fireplace, the sunroom, or the backsplashes, he seems to almost reconsider his idea of selling. But a new project beckons in Sandpoint, and this canvas has been fully painted. It now awaits the next people for whom it will serve as a sanctuary.

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