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Business Profile

Fred’s Appliance

Since its inception in 1962, Fred’s Appliance has succeeded in a world of box stores and “everything to everyone” retailers. Focus, in no small part, explains why Fred’s Appliance has grown to eight stores in Washington, Idaho and Montana…with plans for more on the way.

“It’s because we know who we are,” explains President John Amistoso. “In every market where we operate, we pretty much stand alone as the ‘local’ alternative to the big box stores.” General Manager Troy Varness agrees. “We compete very well with the big box stores, because we have the selection, the stock, and the people. You aren’t waiting for your appliances on order for 14 to 17 days—and you’re working with trained staff who know what they’re doing.”

“INB has taken care of us from day one. They’ve always been there."

INB has helped write the Fred’s Appliance success story. “They’ve taken care of us from day one,” John says. “They’ve always been there. Free accounts for our employees to help them transition into direct deposit, for instance. And INB set up our electronic capture system for checks, helping us head off NSF problems and giving us immediate funds transfer.”

Never Sit Still

In the end, both John and Troy say the mindset is what sets Fred’s Appliance apart. “We succeed, I think, because we don’t sit still,” says John. “Instead of sitting here and thinking we have the world by the tail, we’re constantly trying to find a better way of getting it done.”